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We automatically invest your funds into digital assets that respect your financial goals.

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Crypto on Easy Mode

Peace of Mind - SEC U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Government Building

Peace of Mind

Investing in digital assets is speculative, but as a Registered Investment Advisor, we offer diversified strategies to lower volatility. No rug-pulls, no moonshots.

A Human Touch - Help Desk Agent

A Human Touch

Unlike trading algorithms and artificial intelligence platforms, the assets that Shrimpy Advisory purchases on your behalf are curated by hand.

Tailored To You - Clipboard

Tailored To You

Tell us about yourself, and we automatically invest in assets that reach your goals.

Invest Confidently - Piggy Bank of savings

Invest Confidently

Shrimpy Advisory comes from a team with over 5-years of experience in cryptocurrency strategy.

Competent investor - Business Partners

Feel like a competent investor

Our automated wealth-building platform is designed for beginners to take advantage of this growing class of assets.

Answer a few simple questions, and Shrimpy Advisory handles the rest. Set it, and forget it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shrimpy Advisory?


We are a registered investment advisor (RIA) that offers an automated financial service which invests in cryptocurrencies on your behalf. Our platform diversifies your capital into tokens that reflect your financial goals and appetite for risk.

When do you launch?


We plan to open accounts to users as early as Q3 2022. To be among the first to access Shrimpy Advisory, join the waitlist.

What will this cost?


While final fees are still in development, Shrimpy Advisory is likely to charge a 1.25% Assets Under Management fee.

How does this work?


Investors will open an account, answer a few questions regarding their personal finance goals, and deposit funds electronically.

Shrimpy Advisory will allocate your funds among one or more curated cryptocurrency portfolios that balance your financial goals with your tolerance for risk.

Will I be able to withdraw funds at any time?


Yes. Investors will be able to request withdrawals into traditional financial institutions (banks, credit unions) at any time throughout their relationship with Shrimpy Advisory.

Is this available outside the United States?


At launch, Shrimpy Advisory will serve clients based solely in the United States.

Is Shrimpy Advisory a retirement account?


At launch, Shrimpy Advisory will not function as a retirement account. However, this is a capability we plan to include.

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